The Therapeutic Heart Pad Story
I was inspired for my idea for the “Therapeutic Heart Pad” while I was in the hospital. Billionaire Howard Hughes was in a hospital after a plane crash. The hospital bed he was in was flat and uncomfortable. The man he laid next to was in the mattress business, they started talking and thinking about it would be nice if the bed were adjustable making it more comfortable. Mr. Hughes decided he needed to invent a bed to use in his home that was “nice looking” and was able to electronically adjust his back and legs to any position he desired; and had a nice comfortable mattress. The two partners figured this could be the start of a whole new industry the “adjustable hospital bed”.
Every hospital at the time had their patients sleep on a flat hospital bed. Why? Because on a flat bed you have to toss and turn every 15 minutes just to relieve pressure on your body. On an adjustable bed, when you can recline your body, your whole body weight gets evenly supported. You can rest and relax comfortably having to toss and turn. Thank you Howard Hughes for this invention!
Yours truly was in the hospital for a By-pass Heart surgery having a double by pass. All patients that have this type of surgery are limited in their movement, you are restricted to laying on your back, when sitting up you have to cross your arms across your chest so that you do not use your hand for support. If you cough or sneeze you have to cross your arms and apply pressure to protect the incision on your chest. After several days in the hospital I was allowed to go home for recovery. I was instructed how to use and not use my arms. I was told not to lift more than 10 lbs. with either hand or both hands, not to lift my arms over my head and to cross my arms across my chest when sitting or getting out of a chair and getting in and out of bed.
Upon leaving the hospital I was presented with a red heart shaped pillow with a picture of a heart diagram on one side and on the other side the words ”Because We Care”. It was to say the least “cute. However, I was to use this pillow anytime I was sitting or getting out of a chair, if I had to cough or sneeze, when getting in and out of bed. When sleeping in bed I would have it on my chest or close enough when getting out of bed, coughing or sneezing. When riding in a vehicle place the pillow between me and the seat belt.
When I received the red heart pillow I starting thinking this is what I have for support after having my chest cut open, my organs removed and place on the side of my body and a 5 hour surgery on my heart. After surgery you are somewhat weak and you move very slowly and carrying around or holding on to that pillow was not very appealing to me. I starting thinking it would be great to have some sort of vest that I could strap on without raising my arms. It would be in place at all times. I could wear it under or over my clothing. Carrying around a big red heart shape pillow feels a little weird plus everyone knows that you had heart surgery. So I dreamed of what the vest would look like and came up with my design.
 By Elliott Boston 
I am looking to license my invention if interested go to: "Licensing information "
 Purpose & Benefits
Provides an improved protective pad for open-heart surgery patients.
Applies pressure to the chest in a hands-free manner.
Protects the sternum while minimizing pain and discomfort.
Eliminates the need to hold a protective pad against the chest after surgery.
Facilitates greater mobility of a patient both during the day and night by securing the device onto the patient and not requiring the patient to hold the device in place.
 Compresses the chest to offer protection when a user coughs or sneezes. 

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